Skilled in fostering a motivated and a proactive culture, positive attitude and focused on the delivery of quality in customer expectation

Unique Value Proposition Statement

Over 20 years of experience in senior leadership in a Fortune 500 Company, 17 years of corporate turn-around management, consulting and coaching I’ve lived the lives of those I coach!  I’ve experienced the challenges and have first hand of the impact that an experienced coach can make to the “C- Level” leadership team, in their strategic development, execution implementation, barriers and obstacles to continuous improvement, goal setting and team collaboration.

Competitive Advantage Statement

Exceptional experience in coaching the “C-Suite” executives to break-out from current performance and leadership challenges.  With “active on-road” experience as a senior leader at a Fortune 50 company, a turn-around specialist consultant and 18 years in coaching I have walked-the-walk and have been in the place, making the mistakes of those who I coach!

 Personal Professional Mission Statement

Pursuing a challenge where gain the satisfaction of success by delivering on solutions to the most complex business demands and reduce productivity barriers at an enterprise that will benefit from years of global business experience in management, sales, marketing of consumer products, new technologies and internet marketing.

Three Differentiated Principle Objectives

1)    Experience and Client focus with the client’s objective targets as the only priority

2)   7 Attributes of Agile Growth intellectual property as the engine behind our successful engagements

3)   Gravitas Impact Premium Coaching alliance as the “Harvard of coaching services and certification”

Actions To Live By

–  Purpose, Values, BHAG often overlooked

–  Simple strategies to make them come alive

–  Bring regular awareness to make strategies and implementation real

–  Actions that are inspirational, fun, energetic

–  Immediate developmental growth through change and opportunity awareness

    “As goes the leadership team goes the rest of the company”.

    This is the #1 principle of business success.

    It stands to reason that the organization performs resulting of how the leadership performs, if the leadership is inspired so is the organization.

    A 2013 executive coaching survey conducted by Stanford University found nearly two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive outside leadership advice from coaches and consultants, while almost all of them reported benefiting from it.  So there’s the challenge, what is it that so many company’s resist the perspective of experts to support the enterprise to success?

    If a CEO knew, without hesitation that by receiving insight and the revelation to the secrets of success would she/he engage in coaching?  The small investment of time and financial resources can be realized for many years and through all levels of the organization, is guaranteed! By ignoring the opportunity to improve the leadership and compete against those who haven’t is professional heresy.  Yes, the CEO is forgoing the certainty of growth, improvement, team inspiration, self discovery by ignoring the fact that professional services are necessary to discovery!

    Senior Level Business Coach

    Turn-around Business Specialist

    Strategy Specialist

    International Growth Expert

    Business Growth & Profit Coach

    Strategy & Execution Expert